Sunday 18 May 2014

2014 Results

Sunshine, crowds and BBQ'd sausages.  Thank you for another successful run!  83 runners this year!  We wanted to at least past last year's 46 we upped the ante with a 21k course, too!

7k Results

Riley Kennedy    35:59 1st Male
Mike Field          38:54  2nd Male
Kali Caulier       41:49  1st Female
Patricia Reddick     42:09  2nd Female
Coady Alderson     44:43  3rd Male
Gerald Moriarty     45:01
Michael Cameron    46:16
Danica  Ellis    46:38  3rd Female
Christine Cottell   46:52
Linda Kennedy     47:45
Mark Dobson    47:50
Matthew Cottell 48:19
Heather Hukkala  48:25
Julia Cottell  54:43
Tanner MacLean   57:55
Laureen MacDonald   58:33
Myrska  Caulier  58:49
Edith Thomson  59:03
Edna Thomson 59:46
Sarah Onichino  1:00:35
Mona MacDonald  1:00:38
Amy Munro  1:02:23
Anna Marie Galvin  1:02:55
Carol Alderson  1:04:15
Debbie MacKenzie  1:04:15
Heidi Sinclair   1:06:11
Gina MacGillivary  1:06:11
Joanne Cook  1:08:38
Joann Henderson  1:08:59
Leah Charter  1:09:00
Tyler MacLean  1:11:17
Jean MacRae  1:12:09
Dwight Isenor  1:14:27
Neva Hayman  1:16:19
Patricia Yorke  1:16:31
Shelley Llewellyn  1:16:31
Christine Whelan  1:17:16
Joanne Keating  1:17:25
Joann Clayfield  1:17:25
Cindy McInnis  1:19:35
Mandy Moriarty  1:20:01
Tena Cook  1:23:05
Jennifer McNutt  1:23:10
Sylvia Estey  1:24:50
Terra Campbell  1:24:51
Vanessa Denton  1:25:00
Natasha Davidson  1:25:00
Ruth Smith  1:28:23
Chrissy Core  1:34:49

14 k Results

Glen Trites  1:12:04  1st Male
Jodi Isenor  1:17:06  2nd Male
Chris Cook  1:18:47  3rd Male
Hazel Caldwell 1:22:45  1st Female
Chris Shipley  1:29:41
Charles Mandel  1:33:28
Greg Hayward  1:35:56
Alice Cumming  1:38:28  2nd Female
Julia MacDonald  1:39:34  3rd Female
Dara Pelkey-Field  1:39:36
Kerry Lynn Mercer  1:42:52
Bonnie MacDonald  1:46:12
Cathy Langille  1:46:47
Patricia MacGillivray  1:48:03
Alex MacEachern  1:48:34
Gary Moore  1:51:40
Danny Nolan  1:55:20
David Hachey  1:56:03
Sherry Huybers  1:56:50
Bonita Moore  1:59:12
Kathleen Power  2:14:23
Sandra Ross 2:14:23
Angela Rae  2:17:22
Heidi Guitard  2:17:22

21 k Results
Bryan Gagner  1:47:11  1st Male
Colin Busby  1:55:09  2nd Male
Tim Barry  1:57:00  3rd Male
Jeff Addison  2:02:01
John Frampton  2:09:33
Luciano Onichino  2:15:21
Karine Comeau  2:19:52  1st Female
Dana MacIvor  2:22:05
Chad MacNamara 2:36:37
Tania MacNamara  2:55:23  2nd Female

Pictures will come!

Now it's time to kick back and relax!! 

Thanks to everyone who run, sponsored or volunteered!!!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday 8 May 2014

Share the Trails!

Hey everyone!
We are hard at it, getting our mountain ready to share with you!  We've got swag galore to give away just because we think you all are so awesome!  Wouldn't you agree?
This year, like last year, we are raising money for Cobequid Wildlife Rehab Centre.  Last year we raised funds for them and were able to purchase 'wood' to help construct this specialize structure for large birds of prey:

Pretty cool, eh?  When everyone gives a little, we CAN make a big difference!  So, bring along some money to donate!!  The wildlife will thank you!!!
As the organizers of the race, we like to make a connection with you and so if you know who we are, it's a little easier.  So, our local photographer, Christine Whelan of Wonkyeye Photography, donated her time and talents again this year to snap some pictures of us.  And once again - we had a blast!  We're excited because she's joining us this year as a runner, too!
This year we are joined by Scott Stackhouse.  He started running with us last year in training for the Fitz Frenzy ( and to break his treadmill habit ) and we just kinda kept him.  He keeps us in laughter and provides encouragement through some good ole smack talk....nothing like a few good digs to get you motivated and moving faster!  He also puts up with all our crazy girl talk on the mountain - poor guy!  He can use a chainsaw, too, so that's why we really keep him around, he is a huge asset to our team! 
Here we are, after having decided that us three girls should try to hold can see how well that turned out!

Sadly, we thought if we did it another way, it might work.....nope, still not!

Oh well, no fools, no fun!!

So when you see us on race day - say hi, tell us who you are and why you love trail running so much!  We'd love to chat!
See you in just over a week!  Happy Trails!
PS - Don' forget to pre-register on to get entered in a draw, just for those who took the time to let us know you were coming!!

Friday 18 April 2014

Race Day Info

Hello Fellow Runners!!

Just wanted to let you know about some great things about the Fitz Frenzy this year.

First up - SWAG!!!

Last year we had some great sponsors and again this year we have some great stuff to give away with more rolling in everyday!!

Our local craft brewery, Uncle Leo's, is donating 2 Growlers with a free refill!  So, stop by on the way home to cash in on that one!

The Running Room has given us hats - great running hats for those sunny days, raining days, cooler days, or just any day you are hitting the trails!

We have water bottles, gift cards to lots of awesome places and more coming in all the time!!

Our other exciting news for this year is our Student Rates!!

We know a lot of runners are in school and money is limited, so this year we are offering Race-Day Registration for students at the discounted rate.  $20 to run, no Buff.  But, ya gotta show us your Student ID!!

The other thing we are offering is Pre-Registration Swag!!  Head over to Atlantic Chip and sign up and your name will be entered into a special draw, just for those who signed up on-line!!! Water Bottle, mylar blanket, gels and some other goodies, too!!

As I write this, some of our team is up on the mountain, working on getting some of the windfalls down and off the trails.  This has been a brutal winter, but Spring has arrived and the snow is gone or at least quickly receding!!  It is a mountain, after all!!  Bring on the mud and cold puddles!!

Happy Trails!!

Saturday 5 April 2014

Hoping For Spring

We are busy making plans for our Trail Run, which is quickly approaching on May 18th.  But, as I think we find, the snow is holding us back!! It would be wonderful to be able to post tons of pictures of Spring on the mountain, but this year, Spring looks a lot like Winter.
But, the race must go on!  So we strap on our snowshoes and hit the trails, scoping out where we need to move trees and put race markers.  Besides, we love the mountain, and we'll use any excuse to hit the trails!
We are securing our sponsors so we have loads of goodies to give to our racers.  We are spreading the word - please help us to that, too!!!  'Like' our Facebook page and tell all your friends about it!!  Follow us on Twitter!!  And be sure to drop back by the blog to see what's new on the mountain!
We are excited to offer a longer course this year for those hard-core runners!  This will be the first year we offer a 21 k course - yep, a half marathon on the mountain!!!!  we are very excited about adding this to this years race - hopefully you are our training and are willing to take us up on the challenge!!!
Be sure to hop over to Atlantic Chip to register for the race!!  We are planning up something special for our on-line registrants!
Hit the trails, friends and we'll see you soon!!!

Sunday 19 May 2013


Let me start by saying THANK YOU!  You guys were awesome!!  Thank you for your enthusiasm and your hugs and high fives and kind words!  You are the exact reason why we did this - so thank you!

Also, we raised $135.30 for the CWRC - there will more about that coming in the next few days!  Thank you for helping out for this great cause!

I PROMISE there will be more pictures coming in the next day or so - lots of them!!  But right now, I'm too tired to sort through the nearly 400 pictures I took today let alone the pictures from the other two people on the course with cameras!

So, here are the results!

7k Results
Chris Cook, Thorton Rogers, Spencer MacDonald

Jenna MacDonald and Umara Hansen - missing is Kerry Lynn Mercer
1 - Chris Cook - 36:33 
20 - Thorton Rogers - 39:19
15 - Jenna MacDonald - 39:39
16 - Spencer MacDonald - 41:09
13 - Umara Hansen - 44:32
24 - Scott Stackhouse - 45:08
46 - Kerry Lynn Mercer - 46:10
45 - Barry Campell - 48:31
41 - Shannon Hartsough - 48:59
31 - Deanna Shipley - 52:08
43 - Shane Hampton - 52:10
14 - Alexa Karlicki - 53:02
37 - Christine Cottell - 54:32
36 - Julia Cottell - 58:38
22 - Andrea Haughan - 59:09
5 - Angel Lefave - 1:04:20
27 - Anne Murray - 1:04:28
7 - Dwight Isenor - 1:05:59
8 - Jean MacRae - 1:06:11
10 - Grace Maxner - 1:08:35
9 - Chuck Maxner - 1:08:36
38 - Laureen MacDonald - 1:13:49
39 - Tara Morin - 1:14:07
28 - Ruth Smith - 1:23:59

14k Results

Chris Shipley and Jodi Isenor - missing is Glen Trites

Bonnie MacDoanld, Keah Hansen and Karine Comeau

4 - Jodi Isenor - 1:05:36
2 - Glen Trites - 1:07:15
32 - Chris Shipley - 1:16:29
18 - Greg Young - 1:22:35
44 - CJ Hartsough - 1:24:34
6 - Karine Comeau - 1:25:22
19 - Jacko Kelly - 1:26:05
40 - Alvin Straub - 1:26:56
11 - David Hansen - 1:28:55
25 - Dana MacIvor - 1:29:11
26 - Joe Larsback - 1:31:24
12 - Keah Hansen - 1:35:47
21 - John Muir - 1:38:18
42 - David Hachey - 1:40:02
3 - Tommy Chapman - 1:40:56
33 - Bonnie MacDonald - 1:41:23
35 - Pat Craig - 1:41:29
34 - Patricia MacGillivary - 1:41:33
30 - Sherry Huybers - 1:44:35
29 - Alex MacEachern - 1:45:53
23 - Bronte Boucher - 1:48:03

Check back in in the next few days to hear more about what we did with the money raised for CWRC and to see more pictures of the race!

Thanks again for coming out - you guys made it EPIC!. 

The Fitz Fanatics

PS - I have a black and grey Sugoi sweater that was left at the water station - if it is yours, let me know and we can make arrangements!!  I'll even wash it for you!!

Saturday 18 May 2013


Sign on your way into the village

I thought I would quickly through out some directions to those travelling from away and may not know just where to find Scotsburn!  

When taking the 104, you will need to turn off at Exit 22 onto the 106 which takes you towards Pictou and the PEI Ferry.  You will come to the rotary after you've crossed the causeway.  When you hit the rotary, you will need to take the Exit for Lyons Brook + Highway 376, which will be the 4th one once you are on the rotary.  { Pictou comes first, then the PEI Ferry, then the Sunrise Trail and finally, Lyons Brook. }  Continue along this road until you reach a fork.  At the fork, you will be taking the right option, for Scotsburn on Highway 256.  This road will take you straight into the village. 

View coming into the village just past the sign

The Registration is being held at the JP Gammon Centre which you will find on the left hand side of the road, right beside the Post Office.  There will be drinks, snacks and bathrooms  to greet you.  Parking will be just down the road a bit further, by the playground and just before the school.  There is also an outhouse by the ballfield.

Post Office and JP Gammon Centre
The Centre's phone number is 485-4559 if you got lost!  Someone there can help straighten you out and get you on the right doorstep.

Playground by the parking lot

Above is a rough sketch of the village to let you know where things are located in relation to each other.

So, tomorrow is race day - are you ready??  We sure hope so!  Come on out, enjoy the run and stick around for the BBQ the Scotsburn Rec is putting on.  

Happy Trails {even though they are bound to be wet trails!!}

Fitz Fanatics

Wednesday 15 May 2013

More Details

Our local recreation program, Scotsburn Rec, will be hosting  BBQ on site.  Starting around 11 am, you will be able to enjoy a hamburger or chicken burger along with a drink for $3.  The funds raised will support activities for our children and families.  Programs like Day Camps, Soccer and Tennis Programs, Gym Nights, and more.  Besides, who isn't hungry after a good run?

We will be holding Prize Draws for our runners the day of the race, as well.  Wanna know what some of the draws will be for?  Well, too bad - we are going to make you wait to see what awesome things we have to give away! But don't forget, the first 40ish people to register will get their awesome Buff!

Here we are sporting our buffs!!

And don't forget to grab a little extra cash for the Cobequid Wildlife Rehab Centre, too.  We will be helping them out by raising funds for the Raptor Cage.

Happy Trails!!

And see you on Sunday!